Poisoning the Well Bible Study: The God vs. Gays Debate with Caiden Cowger

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Poisoning the Well Episode 18: When it comes to Christian Biblical theology and how it pertains to homosexuality, no one has more powerful knowledge than Phat Pat, So Fain and Teenage Conservative Radio Host, Author, and Political Commentator Caiden Cowger. This week, this trio of experts discuss how the Bible explains God’s views on gays and other absolute universal truths. Learn the rigorous methodology behind how these laws of God were set into his Holy Scripture and let Poisoning the Well settle the debate on the eternal judgement of the LGBT community once and for all. If you are looking for citations, this video highlights the only one that matters. Prepare to be schooled, Sodomites!

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Filmed at 7 Deadly Studios in Atlanta, GA.
Produced by My Favorite Sin.

Original Video: Homosexuality is Against God! by CaidenCowgerShow

“For the last time, Homosexuality, the belief, the action, is against God! If you believe that I am speaking bigotry, or if you believe that I am speaking hatred, then you are speaking blaspheme against God.” – Caiden Cowger

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