FouseyTUBE is Homeless. Who’s Next, YouTube?

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Last week a tragedy happened to one of the most popular YouTubers in America… FouseyTUBE suddenly found himself homeless. Well… In the most shallow and meaningless form of the word.

Yousef Erakat, aka FouseyTUBE, has become very wealthy as a YouTuber and has spun that wealth and fame into other ventures. He started his channel doing pranks, social experiments and vlogs. He has been able to purchase exotic cars, motorcycles, houses, electronics and much more. He is living the dream of many creators on this website.

Now Fousey has come up with his latest attention-grabbing scheme. He claims that he is freezing his money, giving away or selling literally (drink!) everything he owns, and is going to head out into the streets to find what is missing in his life. Here is an except directly from fousey’;s channel:

“I will limit myself to $100 to buy as many essentials as I need, but after that, no more. Where I’m going to get money after that? Who knows. Where I’m going to sleep? Who knows. What I’m going to do each day? WHO KNOWS? This is a brand new adventure for both you and I. I have no idea what’s in store but I’m more excited than ever. I’m enjoyed the idea of “minimalism” for quite some time now so it’s about time I start implementing it into my life. I hope you come along with me and explore the world 1 day at a time. I don’t know how we are going to travel the world, but I know we will. If any YouTubers want to house me please contact me via Twitter or my Phone Number! Also, if you want me to stay at a YouTubers house be sure to tweet me and them and let us know.”

He also claims that he will be donating $100,000.00 to a charity that will be selected on his travels or “adventures” as he explores the world. This is a very generous donation indeed and we think that’s great. However, he could have made this donation without this big publicity stunt.

Is FouseyTUBE being honest in his quest to better himself or is this just another publicity stunt designed to gather him more subscribers, views, a positive reputation, and ultimately… More money.