Tana Mongeau – Hefner (Poisoning the Lounge Remake)

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When large YouTube creators with millions of subscribers jump into the music industry, they have the money and influence to create quite a stir.  A month ago, Tana Mongeau did just that with her release of “Hefner” which debuted at #32 on the itunes sales chart.  The audio production was top shelf. The music video production was on par with any other music video that was aimed at the Billboard Top 40 charts.  It was a quality release that you would expect for a pop song aimed at mainstream success.

However, there was one aspect that caught our eye here at Poisoning the Well…  The lyrics.  They are a spectacle all on their own.  Tana Mongeau and her team wrote a modern day poem of self-indulgence with “Hefner”.  A sonnet of arrogance and self-absorption.  It is simply beautiful.

PhatPat and So Fain immediately thought that the music itself hurried the lyrics and that the format wasn’t quite right to help the listener soak in the real meaning behind Tana Mongeau’s “Hefner” and that the old lounge singer was the answer.

Just months after Hugh Hefner’s death, we want to help Tana Mongeau present her eulogy in song…  So here is “Hefner”… The Poisoning the Lounge remix.


Tana Mongeau – Hefner ft. Bella Thorne (Official Music Video):